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MIDI Tracker

A Music tracker (short version tracker) is a type of music sequencer software for creating music. - wikipedia

MIDI Tracker - MIDI Music Editor

MIDI Tracker - MIDI music editor - 60 days free trial

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Have you ever tried to edit the music in tracker way? Try MIDI Tracker!

MIDI Tracker is a fast, user-friendly MIDI music editor and tracker

MIDI Tracker is an easy way to create music on Windows PC with your current sound card and nothing else. Feel the power of creation music tracks and files!

MIDI Tracker is shareware. But you have 60 days Free to try! You can purchase it at any time if you want to and get the registration code immediately.

Enjoy to be a music maker!!!

Download MIDI Tracker - latest version (760K)

Demo MIDI file
Many demonstration files included in the Install package

MIDI Tracker: Description

MIDI Tracker
MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing notes by PC keyboard. It is easy to create a song from a several patterns without any copy/paste operations.

All in one
MIDI Tracker is continuation of music trackers such as FastTracker and ImpulseTracker. To work with MIDI Tracker you donat need any additional music equipment, except your sound card. You can play, edit and record notes by pressing keys of PC keyboard.

MIDI music editor
MIDI Tracker uses own file format for loading and saving. However, MIDI Tracker has MIDI import and MIDI export functions to compatibility with other systems. MIDI file size optimized to keep it as small as possible. In addition, you can import FastTracker module (XM file), for example, to convert it to MIDI format.

It is really easy
You can play on your keyboard like playing on MIDI keyboard (with 32 keys) and change the octave by pressing single key (keys F1-F8).

Using with sound banks.
You can use it with.SBK or .SF2 sound banks

Mobile devices
There are several advantages of using MIDI Tracker for music for mobile devices (mobile phones).
Small file size (usual these devices has a very limited memory size)
Easy access to volume control (to make maximum song volume)
Fast music production (you can make 4min song from 1 or 2 patterns)

We decided to keep the layout as easy to use as possible. Therefore, there are only two switching screens: pattern view and order view (song order). All other functions are accessible from the toolbar, main menu or shortcuts.

Misc. functions
  • Transpose track, pattern, channel, block up and down by halftone
  • Enhanced transpose (using song key tone)
  • Add / remove track
  • Add / remove channel
  • MIDI device choice
  • Choose patch, volume, disable and enable channels (mute, solo) from the toolbar
  • Playing and inserting notes and chords

    Download MIDI Tracker - latest version (760K)

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  • Added 2017-12-15

    MIDI Tracker

    Latest files: MP3 Music file (1.2M) - Live recording from MIDI Tracker with soundbank

    Another live recording: MP3 Music file (2.8M)

    Eurodance example (Mp3)
    Happy hardcore melody example (MIDI)
    Trance example (Mp3) (MIDI)

  • MIDI Music Sequencer
  • MIDI Import routines
  • MIDI Export routines
  • XM Import routines
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard - optimized for PC keyboard - 32 keys
  • Virtual MIDI Piano - 4 modes - from 70% to 200% - up to 128 keys
  • Pattern editor - Excel type
  • Many tracks per single channel
  • Free channel to MIDI channel pointing
  • Sequence Editor - switched on/off channels from single or multiple patterns
  • Copy/paste works like Excel
  • Change MIDI patch from toolbar or hotkey
  • Play chords and insert it into sequencer
  • Play the live perfomance by switching channels in realtime or switching the patterns with no breaks
  • Small file size of Mtr files
  • MIDI Import: Convert MIDI files to optimized patterns - cusmomisable 'Pack song' feature
  • Control change (CC) events (including NRPN, RPN) editing, saving, exporting to MIDI files
  • Automation tracks including Filter Cutoff, Filter resonance supported (with appropriate device)
  • Bank select (MSB, LSB) for every patch - ability to control external MIDI syntesizers like Yamaha PSR-340
  • Chords playing using current Key signature
  • Editable chord type
  • Editable templates to use in Pattern Editor - can be loaded from any track of any pattern
  • Transpose selection/track/channel/pattern using current Key signature
  • Customizable Font type and Font size, 2 different color schemes to choose from
  • Use any MIDI Device including software synthesizers, any sound banks

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